Stop 6: The Red Barn in Russell Co, VA

Sometimes my travels for work take me outside Tennessee. The other day I was going to a Clinch River Valley Initiative meeting up in Cleveland, Virginia. Yes, there is a Cleveland in Virginia. This Cleveland only has ~200 people and is out in God’s country (another term for out in the boonies, out yonder, middle of nowhere). It was a lovely drive, very scenic and peaceful. I had found the poem below right before my trip and wanted to find a red barn to go with it. I am driving down this curvy back road on my to Cleveland I stumble across this bard. It was perfect for the poem! The farm is called Bluegrass Farm and they had cows in the pasture. I believe the pattern is called Rising Sun. 

The Red Barn Remembers by Barbara Gorelick

The red barn stands, silhouetted against the sky.

An oak tree wraps its tired limbs around her

As if to protect her from time and age.

Her roof, sagging, color faded,

An errant plume of red along her frame.

Yet, proudly she stands, remembrance of a happy time.

Shelter from the rain, children

Playing in her hair, lovers hiding in her shadows.

Beauty I see now, not bright, not boastful.

With dignity and respect she bows to age.



wpid-0528141534a.jpg wpid-0528141534.jpg






  1. I’m really enjoying your blog. Love the poem and it’s so true of many of our glorious, fading barns…and their barn quilts. The Lake County Quilt Trail is the first in California and I appreciate your project. Thanks, Gerri

    1. Wow a quilt trail in CA! Awesome. I will google it. We here at Clinch-Powell love it when we find out how the trails are expanding. Crazy to think it started in Ohio and now it is all over America and even in Canada. Stop back by!

  2. Really enjoy your blog. If you ever find yourself near Hendersonville NC please come out and see our property which is covered up in barn quilts. We get lot’s of visitors stopping by to take pictures as our property is located on US-64 on the way to Chimney Rock State Park. You can see pictures of our barns and cottage with barn quilts on our website, or on our Facebook page,

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. I will definitely check out the websites. I use to live in Marion, NC so I know where Hendersonville is. Hopefully next time I am out in NC I am close enough to visit your property. I will also check out your Facebook page via the AQT Facebook page. Follow us and we will follow you! 🙂

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